450th Event Update

The Mediaeval / Elizabethan procession & festival at the school (and the Picnic in the Priory) took place last weekend, 7th May. Staff Sean King and Mike Tailby in the procession – Sean retires this year. From GGS72PPC74 Martin Goodwill, Colin Dodd and Ian Glendinning were there, plus Richard Smelt from the year below us and a handful of others. Doddy’s footballing fame preceded him, several people I didn’t know pointing him out by name in various team photos, before he turned-up :-)

Good to see the Elizabethan charter and seal on display – and the headmaster’s wooden lectern survives in actual use – remember that ? Didn’t see the Pursglove chest, but apparently it’s well looked after.

From an Old Guisborians / Alumni perspective, I’m afraid it was very low-key, simply nostalgic photos of old-boys sports teams under an Old Boys Association (?) banner and a quaint explanation of “these things used to happen”. An opportunity for engagement missed, as Martin put it. Still, we can continue to organize our own reasons to meet up occasionally.

Lectern in use by the Lord Lieutenant of the county,
with current head Judy Burton looking on.

The current staff (Sean as a monk) setting off for the procession.

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