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This year-specific GGS72PPC74 news site is discontinued
Please visit the combined PriorGuisborians Alumni News.

The combined GGS and PPC PriorGuisborians Alumni news blog.
The current Prior Pursglove College and recent 450th Anniversary events pages.
The (old) Old Guisborians AssociationPrior Pursglove Alumni registration pages.

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Many GGS72PPC74 members also use other personal and group pages and feeds on FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WordPress, Ning, etc.
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Any help or suggestions contact Ian Glendinning;
ian [dot] glendinning [at] gmail [dot] com

Any updated personal details contact Duncan Goodwin;
duncangoodwin001 [at] btinternet [dot] com

Old Guisborians alumni liaison contact David Reece;
david [at] theartcafe [dot] org

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3 Responses to Links / Contact

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  2. Bob Brunger says:

    Message for Marie Prior
    I have recently spoken to Peter Appleton from Skelton who mentioned you may be still putting names to faces etc. I attended GGS from Easter 1950 to July 1954 if you feel this could help I can call in. I have already recognised Terry Armin, Mike Routh and Peter Leonard on the part orchestra photo!
    Bob Brunger

  3. Sorry Bob, missed your comment from January since we had discontinued using this site – see the links to the general “PriorGuisborians Alumni” news site above.

    I’ll try to forward your message to Marie and/or the college.

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